CompX 200 Series eLock


CompX eLock 200 Series, available in cabinet and refrigerator versions, allows for audit trail reporting (last 15,000 access attempts) and up to 3,000 unique ID codes to be entered. It is a keyless system – there are NO keys to lose or share. The eLocks can be programmed to read a facility’s existing employee identification cards using HID proximity, HID iCLASS proximity, or magnetic card credentials. Additionally, temperature monitoring is available with the cold storage version with or without access control.

Cabinet version has three components — eLock controller, battery pack and latch — eLock controller mounts directly on the outside of the cabinet door or drawer, while the battery pack and latch are mounted inside. Refrigerator / freezer versions have all three components enclosed in a housing, which mounts directly to the appliance door. The strike plate is easily mounted on the top or side of the appliance and provides a secure latching point for the latch. Both cabinet and refrigerator versions use the same motor-driven latch mechanism that provides automatic relocking.

CompX eLock® – Warranty
Standard warranty on electronics is 1 year from date of purchase and registration.