Ferno Intraxx SafePak Pouch | Medium | 0480027

iNTRAXX Storage Solutions

From the innovative SafePak System to plug-and-play pouches to SafeCab Cabinets—this comprehensive product line is built with medics in mind. iNTRAXX storage solutions promote better workflows and inventory management. The most popular iNTRAXX storage solution, SafePaks, are multi-role cases that function both as internal cabinet replacements and as portable supply sources on-scene. Users can rearrange and configure pouches within a SafePak to suit operational and run-specific needs. Easy-to-read labels and color coding help you organize and quickly locate equipment in a SafePak.

iNTRAXX storage solutions include:

  • SafePaks
  • SafeCab Cabinets
  • Pouches
  • Mesh Pouches

• Pack of 2
• Label Sheets for Medium Pouch available (2381859)