Technimount Techni-Shield Defender


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The Techni-Shield Defender is a protective screen for stretchers developed to help reduce the spread of contaminated droplets in the air.

The Techni-Shield Defender is a removable, transparent screen that acts as an additional barrier between the patient and emergency staff to reduce the risk of exposure to patients potentially contaminated with infectious respiratory diseases such as Coronavirus.

The Techni-Shield Defender is fabricated with PETG FDA-approved grade screen material for use in medical devices making it suitable for patient contact. PETG can resist rigorous ETO sterilization processes, making ideal to be used multiple times as a sterile barrier in medical applications. This impact resistant material is tougher than acrylic and is made with medical-grade resins that is ISO 10993 biocompatible.

Emergency responders can now better protect themselves when in contact with patients that might be infected with respiratory diseases such as COVID-19 during transport.